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15c Scientific Calculator

6.94 usd

The best Scientific & Engineering RPN 15c calculator for Windows Mobile since 2006 now available for Android.Looks as good as the *HP - 15c. Performs as good as the * HP - 15c & more ..Free Desktop Version !
A set of scientific & engineering functions, support for complex numbers, matrices, Statistical calculations, Trigonometry, Integration, Equation solver & basic arithmetic. Esoteric features include transcendental functions & matrix operations.
RPN Mode Calculator. Programmable. KeyStroke programming- 499 Steps.Hundreds of built-in functions.Full Screen & Quick Stack Display. Complex number calculations.Matrix operations. Combinations and Permutations. Polar Rectangular conversions.Time conversions. Angle conversions.Solver / Root finder. Definite Integration.Trigonometric functions. Hyperbolic Trigonometry. Advanced Mathematical calculations.